Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best direction to walk the Speyside Way?

There is no real “best” direction to walk the Speyside Way. We find both directions are just as good. It depends if you want to follow the river from mountain to sea or be like a returning salmon and go against the flow.

2. Is there baggage transfer on the Speyside Way?

Yes. There are taxi companies based in the north section of the Speyside Way that do baggage transfer. See our Baggage Handling page on our website for contact details. Also, some accommodation providers who provide a pickup service may be able to move your baggage. They will have a car symbol next to their name on the accommodation list. Be warned there could be an extra charge for this; we recommend you ask about both at the time of booking.

3. Can I camp/wild camp along the Speyside Way?

Yes, you can, although there are two free “first come, first served” camping areas on the Speyside Way (Fiddich Park, Craigellachie and Ballindalloch Station). During the summer season, these have a toilet and fresh water facilities. If you want to wild camp you are well within your rights to do so as long as you comply with the Scottish Outdoor Access code. Visit for more details.

4. Where do I get local transport information?

Go to our website and click on the public transport link. There you will find a list of all the public transport providers, their routes and website links.

5. How long will the Speyside Way take to walk?

We usually find that 5-6 days will suffice. That’s an average distance of around 13-14 miles day. For a more detailed breakdown of a recommended itinerary, go to the online guide on our web page.

6. Where can I get food/resupplied along the Speyside Way?

The Speyside way has a good number of villages and small towns where you can get resupplied either for food or as lunch stops. The Speyside Way was designed so that you start and finish a day’s walk in a town or village.

7. When is the best time of year to walk the Speyside Way?

Any time of year that suits you! Whichever time of the year you decide to visit the Speyside Way remember always to be prepared for any weather type. “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing” Sir Rannulph Fiennes.

8. Are there a lot of midges on the Speyside Way?

Although you will come across flying beasties during the summer months, the Speyside area is not as well known as the west coast for its midge. Our advice would be to be prepared with repellent if you are very sensitive to bites.

9. Where can I get accommodation information on the Speyside Way?

You can go to our website and use the accommodation search facility on our Accommodation provider page, here you can search for specific locations, accommodation types etc.

10. I don’t seem to be next to the River Spey a lot on the Speyside Way?

The route is named after the area and not the River specifically. You will get glimpses of the river, walk next to it and cross it along the whole length of the Speyside Way route. The Spey valley has a lot to offer of which the river is only part of it, keep your head up and look around you; there’s plenty of flora and fauna around, stunning vista’s and varying landscapes to take in. Most of all, enjoy!