You probably already know the significance of route optimization if you work in the transportation or logistics industry. It is common knowledge that route-planning software has significantly altered how we travel and do business.

The majority of route planners lack the skills necessary to build complex itineraries. To do this work, you will need navigation software capable of managing several stops along various routes. Luckily, many free route planning applications are available to help with this process. Listed below are five free applications that can route multiple addresses.


You may use Route4Me’s iOS Route Planner to optimize delivery, servicing, field sales, and any other last-mile routing activities using only your iPhone or iPad. It is also conveniently translated and available as a Vietnamese or a French route planner app in seconds. It’s easy to see how Route4Me Mobile membership with a Free Route Planner App Trial would help you save money by completing more deliveries and service visits and saving you time.

Additionally, you may have access to extra software capabilities and features by signing up for a Route4Me Mobile account. Consequently, when you join Route4Me for the first time, you are given a 7-day free route planner trial.

Apple Maps

Apple’s mapping app is pre-installed on all iOS devices in response to Google’s. It’s not as good as Google Maps in certain areas, but it’s a solid option. The map’s layout is a strength. Maps incorporate 3D vistas and structures. Apple consumers now get synchronized maps and directions on all their devices. A few clicks adapt iPad instructions to iPhone.

Apple Maps limits new stops to two. This method may not help busy delivery drivers. Consumers have also complained about false information. The app is only available on Apple devices, so PC and Android users must go elsewhere.

Google Maps

Google Maps reigns supreme in the mapping technology industry. You may effortlessly discover locations and plan trips when using a mobile device. This navigation system’s step-by-step directions are some of the finest in the business. In addition to planning personal and recreational journeys, Google Maps may be used to plot out a variety of various sorts of journeys.

Since its inception, it has nearly single-handedly reshaped the way people travel globally. However, there are ways to get past Google Maps’ limit of 10 stops in a single route. So many people rely on Google Maps for free trip planning and mapping. Several other applications have adopted their technology to create their mapping software.


MapQuest is one of the most well-known brands in the world of vacation planning, namely for road trips. Since its inception, MapQuest has become one of the world’s most trusted and widely used mapping tools. MapQuest was a game-changer since it was the first commercial online mapping service. It significantly impacted how maps were used in the United States. Since its inception, many have relied on this program to plan their travels.


As a small business delivery driver, RouteXL makes scheduling trips easy. RouteXL sorts user-entered destinations in the most efficient order.

RouteXL’s ability to import a spreadsheet is useful. You may share your travels. It’s free and allows 20 destinations. New users may start using RouteXL immediately due to in-app instructions. RouteXL is a free tool for generating delivery routes with less than 20 stops.

There is a slew of excellent free route planning applications available, each with its unique features. Choosing the finest free routing software for your personal or business requirements is a matter of personal preference. 

Generally speaking, if you require a more advanced choice, you may want to spend a little more on it. When it comes to saving money on their trip and increasing their bottom line, business professionals’ route planning tool almost always pays for itself.


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