Campervans are an incredibly cost-effective mode of transportation. However, the cost of purchasing and maintaining one may be prohibitive. Furthermore, acquiring a campervan may not be a feasible option if you’re not a frequent traveler. Fortunately, you can hire a campervan at a significantly lower cost. 

Before picking a campervan randomly, you should consider your needs first. For example, if you plan on going off-road into the Wilderness in Christchurch, look for a campervan that’s capable of going off-road. You surely don’t want to have trouble on the road because you chose an inconvenient mode of transportation. Road trips are supposed to be enjoyable and trouble-free. However, selecting the incorrect vehicle may result in complications you weren’t anticipating. 

You might get help selecting the ideal campervan if you engage with a reputable campervan company because they may have a wide range of options. Below is a checklist of things to consider before renting a campervan. 

Number Of Passengers

Before renting out the campervan, you should determine how many passengers it can accommodate. The number of passengers carried by each vehicle differs. The ‘berth’ of a campervan determines how many people are legally permitted to travel or sleep in it. Plus, some areas are very strict on wearing seatbelts, and every passenger is expected to have one. 

So, for instance, if you’re going campervan hiking with your family of four, look for a campervan that can accommodate at least four people. This ensures that all passengers can travel or sleep comfortably inside the van.


While automatic transmissions are now a common feature in automobiles, manual transmissions are still available in selected models. If you don’t know how to drive a manual transmission or aren’t comfortable with one, you should avoid it. You’ll probably find driving a campervan with a manual transmission challenging. However, the transition to an automatic will be much smoother if you’re used to operating a manual transmission. Therefore, before renting a campervan, make sure it has the appropriate transmission for you. 

License Requirements

Campervan rental companies usually only allow people with valid licenses to drive their vehicles. Some may even require that you have a certain amount of driving experience. Also, you should have an international license if you’re an international traveler. Rental companies will request that you produce a valid license, so you must get one before going on your trip.

Age Restrictions

Most campervan rental companies have age requirements. Age limits may differ between companies. However, some of these age restrictions may be imposed by legislation. If companies are caught renting out their vehicles to under-aged individuals, they may get penalized for it. So, they have a greater incentive to adhere to age restriction laws.

Model Year

Campervan companies will usually have newer and older vehicles in stock. Used campervans are often less expensive to hire than newer ones. So, if you don’t mind hiring something with extra kilometers on it, you can save money by opting for a used campervan. 

Remember that just because a car has been used doesn’t make it any less reliable. Older models may not have the latest and greatest features, but they can still do the job at a lot lower cost. Nevertheless, it all comes down to your plan, budget, and personal preferences. 



Check the size specifications before renting a campervan to be sure it’s the suitable size for you. Consider whether you’ll be able to drive it comfortably and whether it’ll have adequate room for you and your family or friends. Since you’ll probably be operating the vehicle, you should determine whether you can safely handle it. 

If you’re ordering online, size specifications will typically be readily accessible. However, you can always contact the campervan company directly to get the specifications.


As mentioned previously, you must choose a campervan based on your needs. So, it’d be best if you took some time to think about things you can and can’t live without in your ideal campervan. Most vans come equipped with things like a fridge, microwave, and gas burners, amongst other things. If you consider these items necessary, rent a campervan furnished with them. But if they aren’t necessary, you might want to think about a more fundamental and probably less expensive campervan.


Trips don’t have to be unpleasant for you or your traveling companions, and your campervan should be the least of your concerns. When looking for a campervan to rent, there are various factors to consider. However, make sure to select the campervan based on your needs and preferences.


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