Camping and kids go together in a Vango Kanto Junior sleeping bag.

Vango has injected some fun into their camping range with a children’s sleeping bag that features a mummy shaped design. While the sleeping bag is undoubtedly appealing to youngsters, parents will want to know whether this product will keep their off-spring warm, too.

To start with, I asked a couple of children what they thought of the sleeping bag. Jamie, 10, told me: “It looks really different from my sleeping bag. The one I have is red, but it doesn’t have a nice design like this one. I hope my parents will buy me one of these!”

Cara, eight, said: “I’d really like to sleep inside it. The sleeping bag looks cosy.”

On the practical side, the Vango Kanto Junior sleeping bag is mummy-shaped, which means there is less volume of the bag (for carrying and storage) but still a good level of insulation and warmth.

This is the sort of bag you would take away for summer camping trips or colder holidays but inside a campervan. It is also a perfect item for sleepovers at pals’ homes.

The fabric of the sleeping bag is “Polair® Snug Lining”, which means it is a soft-touch microfibre fabric that is cosy, snug and breathable. This is great for children as they prefer soft fabrics against their skin while sleeping.

The snug hood makes sleeping all the cosier and, for safety, the bag opening is elasticated rather than drawcord.

There’s an insulated zip baffle to retain body heat within the sleeping bag while keeping out colder air, as well as a zip guard to stop the zip snagging on the lining.

There’s also a clever “Grab Loop” for easier zip movement while holding the sleeping bag in place.

An internal pocket can be used to store valuables, such as a watch, iPad, phone or “treasures” (you know how kids pick up shells and stones on holiday and decide they must have them with them at all times for the rest of the vacation!).

A four-strap compression stuff sack keeps storage of the sleeping bag to a minimum while not in use.

Sleeping in the Kanto Junior Bag

Cara’s dream came true to sleep in the mummy-shaped sleeping bag. She spent a night at her auntie’s house. Cara reports: “It was fun to sleep inside it and the bag was warm. I felt happy because the sleeping bag had a hood that was like a pillow.

“My auntie helped me to get into the bag, but I could do up the zip myself. I kept my mobile phone in the secret pocket inside. I slept really well.”

Overall, a good and cosy sleeping bag for kids.
ThermoLock Pro Insulation
Insulated Zip Baffle
Not perfect for professional camping


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